The Illustrated Book of Kobitos

The Illustrated Book of Kobitos was first published in 2006 in Japan.
A boy finds a mysterious creature that isn't a plant, and certainly isn't a bug. Turns out it is a Kobitos.
Children learned how to capture and care for Kobitos with the Encyclopedia of Kobitos (2008) and Introduction to Observing Kobitos (2010), marking the emergence of a whole new pastime for children throughout Japan. And, a whole new topic of conversation for families, as children frequently ask their parents if Kobitos really exist.
Don't assume you know the answer. Listen carefully.
Look around you. You just might glimpse something unexpected.

Kobitos sightings!

Kobitos are getting attention in other parts of the world, including Taiwan, where The Illustrated Book of Kobitos series has been published, and Kobitos are featured on merchandise and the public transportation IC cards.

The Illustrated Book of Kobitos licensing

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