Toshitaka Nabata

1977 Born in Ishikawa Prefecture
2002 Won the Mainichi Newspaper Scout Award at GEISAI-3
2003 Illustrations featured in Mainichi Newspaper's "Weekly Kurikuri"
2006 The Illustrated Book of Kobitos becomes a best seller

After the breakout success of the Kobitos storyworld, Toshitaka Nabata went on to publish Kobitos for Everyone, Encyclopedia of Kobitos, and Kobitos Research. His books have been embraced by children and adults alike, and to date the series has sold 2.5 million copies in Japan.
Other Kobitos creations include Kobitos playing cards, Kobitos workbooks, and the new illustrated book Eton's Big Adventure.
Toshitaka Nabata's other projects include illustrations for books (What is a Beautiful Person? edited by Nakamura Usagi, published by Bungeisha), films, and character design.
He remains the premiere expert on Kobitos.

The Illustrated Book of Kobitos (illustrated book)

One day, a boy's pet dog Garcia finds something odd in the grass. Something kind of like a molted snake skin, but a little different. Not an insect. Definitely not a plant. The boy borrows The Illustrated Book of Kobitos from his grandpa, and learns about curiosity and the importance of all living creatures.

Kobitos for Everyone (illustrated book)

The Kobitos scholar behind this book has compiled reports of Kobitos sightings from around the country. You'll get to meet lots of different Kobitos, including the charmed Saintly Red Wing, the House Kobitos that torment cockroaches, and the Fin Kobitos, which you can catch while fishing.

Encyclopedia of Kobitos

This guidebook features photos and illustrations that show how to observe Kobitos in their natural habitats, and how to capture them. You'll find detailed descriptions of 20 Kobitos, including Kobitos from The Illustrated Book of Kobitos and Kobitos for Everyone. With this book as your guide, you're sure to find your very own Kobitos.

Introduction to Observing Kobitos (1) Capture and Care

This second guidebook brings together new research findings, in an approachable format just for beginners.

Kobitos Research

Third guidebook, featuring lots of new Kobitos.

Eton's Big Adventure (illustrated book)

Spectacular tale filled with laughter and thrills by Kobitos author and illustrator Toshitaka Nabata. Pleaseed is a mysterious Kobitos that grants your every wish. You'll always be able to get your favorite treats. Eton falls for this sweet promise and gets all of his wishes fulfilled. But then a big event turns his life upside down!

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