About Kobitos

Have you ever been playing outside and suddenly heard something rustling in the grass, or maybe noticed leaves jostling unexpectedly? Ever get the feeling there might be something out there? It could very well be a Kobitos. The fields and meadows that we pass everyday aren't just home to insects and animals. Kobitos live there too.

What are "tendrils"?

All Kobitos have a tendril coming from the top of their head. Kobitos use their tendrils to breath, smell, and eat. There's still lots we don't know about the purpose of these tendrils.

A message to Kobitos observers everywhere:

Lots of Kobitos live hidden in nature. But haphazard searching isn't very effective if you want to find Kobitos on your own. It's important to really understand their habitats and personalities. And, some Kobitos are harmful to humans. You need to learn about Kobitos, and be careful around them. As is the case with any animal that you keep at home, you need to understand that animal really well. Find out where it lives in nature, what it eats, and how it lives. Kobitos live as they please in the wild. They can't be kept as pets like dogs or cats. You need to be prepared to return the Kobitos to their natural environment when you are finished observing them. Never forget that Kobitos are living creatures, just like us.

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