Spring Healing Series of "Kobito-Dukan" has arrived ! "Family Mart" convenience store has released the first ever "Little planting of Kobitos" in Taiwan !!

At the spring blossom period, the Family Mart with 2,800 convenience stores in Taiwan has launched the "Kobitos Farm Story" promotional redemption campaign! The redemption campaign combined the concept of the Spring Healing Series with the adorable Kobitos desktop mini-plantings.

The first wave of the promotion at 5th March has released 5 types of " Kobitos mini-planting", each one with a different kind of seed, including "Cherry radish of Hiding Peach Bottom Kobitos", "Red amaranth of Dapple Leaf Big Kobitos ", "Clover of Saintly Red Wing", "Creeping dichondra herb of Little Flower Head Kobitos", "Sweet basil of Red Mushroom Kobitos”.

From 5th March to 15th April, customers who has consumed more than NTD $69 in Family Mart can obtain a point sticker. They can redeem 6 point stickers with NTD$59, or a total of 40 point stickers for a "Kotbitos mini-planting" out of the 5 types randomly. Let’s put the mini-planting in office or home to let the lovely Kotbitos bring the funny atmosphere to make you laugh and cure all your pressure with the energetic and lively Kobitos!!

2014 The campaign of "Heart", Start with the "Kobitos"!!

Name of the campaign: Kotbitos mini-planting
Campaign system: collect 1 point sticker per each single spending of NTD$69
◎ Free redemtion
• Collect a total of 40 point stickers to redeem for a Kotbitos mini-planting out of 5 types randomly
◎ Add-on redemption
• Pay NTD$59 with 6 point stickers to redeem for a Kotbitos mini-planting out of 5 types randomly
Campaign Period: 2014/3/5 - 2014/4/15
Redemption Period: 2014/3/5 - 2014/4/22

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